Find us in hagerman idaho

Located in southern idaho

From Boise:
Take exit 141(Bliss). Follow the Hagerman signs South on Highway 30. Approximately 8 miles South you will see the Billingsley Creek Lodge and Retreat sign shown above. If you go across Billingsley Creek or reached the middle of Hagerman you have gone too far.

From Twin Falls:
Take exit 147 (Tuttle). Go left (South) over the interstate and go left again at the first intersection (Ritchie Road). There will be a sign on the right that leads to Malad Gorge to the right and a Hagerman sign that points left. Follow Ritchie Road to the next green Hagerman sign on the right. Turn right after the sign. Follow the road down into the Snake River Canyon (Justice Grade) to the stop sign at Highway 30. Turn Left. Turn Left again, immediately, into Billingsley Creek Lodge. Again, you will see the sign shown above.

From Buhl:
Take Highway 30 from Buhl to Hagerman, go through Hagerman. You will cross Billingsley creek and see the sign shown above on your right, (approximately 1.2 miles North of Hagerman.)



Please contact us at 208-837-4822 for more information